Brookline Food Coop

Under  construction

Dwolla has recently updated its donation software, and this function is still under revision. If you wish to donate, please use one of the other options. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We have selected Dwolla to handle transactions because there is no charge for payments. They accomplish this by not processing credit cards. Consequently, the process is a little more complicated than a typical internet transaction. Payments through Dwolla are similar to personal checks. However, federal regulations require that all users are verified and entitled to make withdrawals from the bank account linked to the Dwolla account.

In order to use Dwolla, you must first register. There are two basic ways to start a Dwolla account. With a full account, you can deposit and withdraw funds from the Dwolla account. With a lightweight account, payments come directly from the actual bank account linked to the Dwolla account. Dwolla holds no funds in this case. The advantage of a full account is payments are made instantly. The advantage of a lightweight (or Guest) account is the signup process is simpler, although a payment takes a couple days to clear, like a paper check.

You only need to register once, and future visits are much more streamlined. To make a donation from a full account, please press the "Instant Donation" button on the Donate page. Otherwise use one of the other buttons on the Donate page on this site.